Wuhan university art department was established in August 2003, is one of independent department directly under the organizational system of the school. Presently is equipped with drama, film and television, drama, music, dancing, five teaching and research section and a general "art education and the construction of campus culture service center". Have a doctoral degree: theatre, film and television literature doctoral degree; Four master: drama and Chinese traditional opera, movie master, master unit of the master of art and art master's degree authorization centers of America (MFA); Two undergraduate majors: theatre, film and television literature specialty and performance. Existing full-time teachers, 38 people, including professors, associate professors, 17 people and hired Tan Pei birth, yong-yih tseng, dongtian zheng, tian-yu feng, liu's, Liang Bolong, ShangChangRong, Wu Yanze, Wang Xiaoying, Shen Hongguang, Zhu Shihui, Shen Tiemei, marina tse, Hu Yingming, XiZhiGan, Han Yanwen, guo-qiang wang, Cheng Caiping famous scholars, artists such as artistic adviser or part-time professor, formed the age structure more reasonable, higher education level, subject complementary strong academic echelon.

Since its establishment, the department of art, the steady development, has formed a Chinese opera culture, aesthetics, Oriental film, drama poetics, music education and modern art aesthetic characteristic of research direction. In recent years, the important research projects approved by the ministry of education philosophy and social sciences, national social science fund projects, the ministry of education humanities and social science projects, the ministry of culture, culture and art research projects and so on a number of scientific research subject; In the arts authority, core journals published hundreds of papers; Published a number of theatrical drama, film and television, books and music, performance art theory professional teaching materials; Teachers have more people to get the Chinese drama plum blossom prize ", the ministry of culture "mandarin performance", the ministry of education "college humanities and social science research achievement award", the "five-one project prize" in hubei province, hubei social science research and hubei "chutian mandarin act" and other awards; The teachers and students of drama, music, dance, art works won many national and provincial awards.

In recent years, the art department of the school art education into quality education of college students regularization orbit, popularize knowledge of art, for the entire school opened its drama, film and television, music, dance, and the theory of art classes, and built the provincial excellent courses. Department actively provide students with the combination of theory and practice platform, now has a film and television production co., LTD., China central television (CCTV) covering opera operan, the Yangtze river in hubei province people's art theatre, "bosom friend" magazine, and many other professional practice base. Actively carry out foreign academic exchanges, and the United States Jackson will Moscow state university, university of Illinois, Cornell university, college of art, central South Korea university, lingnan university and other famous universities established friendly and cooperative relations, and the exchange of visiting scholars and exchange students many times.