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The School of Arts is developed on the basis of the Department of Arts, one of the directly subordinate departments to Wuhan University, which was founded in August, 2003.

The school consists of Department of Dramatic Arts, Film and Television, Department of Acting, Research Institute of Dramatic Arts, Film and Television and Research Institute of Guqin Culture. It offers one doctoral degree program: Phd in literature on dramatic arts, film and television, two master’s degree programs: (1) MA in dramatic arts, film and television and (2) fine arts (MFA), and two bachelor’s degree programs: (1) BA in dramatic arts, film and television and (2) BA in acting.

Currently, there are 38 faculty members, including 17 professors and associated professors. Well-known scholars and artists have been invited to give lectures or work as adjunct professors, such as Tan Peisheng, Zeng Yongyi, Zheng Dongtian, Liu Jigang, Feng Tianyu, Liang Bolong, Shang Changrong, Wu Yanze, Wang Xiaoying, Shen Hongguang, Zhu Shihui, Feng Yuanzheng, Sheng Tiemei, Hu Yingming, Yao Hong. The school boasts of an academic echelon characterized by appropriate age groups, high level of education background and solid complementary features between multiple disciplines.

The research directions of the faculty include cultural studies in Xiqu, theories in dramatic arts, film and television, playwriting, oriental film studies, performance poetics, music pedagogy and aesthetics in modern liberal arts. The school has undertaken multiple projects: research projects of vital significance in philosophy and social science funded by Ministry of Education, projects funded by National Social Science Foundation, projects in humanities and social science funded by Ministry of Education, research projects on culture and art by Ministry of Culture. Hundreds of academic papers have been published in authority academic journals in liberal arts. Books on dramatic arts, film and television, arts theory as well as textbooks for music and acting majors have been issued. Several faculty members have won “Wintersweet Prize” awarded by China Theater Association, “Wenhua Prize” by Ministry of Culture, “Outstanding Achievement Award in Humanities and Social Science Research for Higher Education” by Ministry of Education, “Five-Tops Project Prize” by Hubei Province, “Outstanding Achievement Award for Social Science Research” by Hubei Province, “Chutian Wenhua Acting Award” by Hubei Province. Furthermore, productions of drama, music, dance, fine arts by teachers and students have been awarded many times for prizes on national level and on province levels.

The school has established several professional practice foundations with Art Institute of Hubei Province, Hubei Performance & Arts Group, Changjiang People’s Art Theater and Hubei Yangzi River Film Group, Co., Ltd. Taking an active participation in international academic exchange activities, the school has developed friendly cooperative relations with universities including Jacksonville State University, University of Illinois, Cornell University, Moscow School of Arts, Chung-Ang University, and Lingnan University. The school has sent and received visiting scholars and exchange students to and from these universities.

Seizing the opportunity and taking the advantages, the school will endeavor to grow into a top school of arts among the first class national comprehensive universities, with appropriate scale and distinctive characteristics as well as a leading position in South Central China by resource integration and potential activation. The school also endeavors to develop into a foundation and training centre in dramatic arts, film and television which combines research, teaching, cultural exchange, creative practice together, and to play an important role in the process of cultural and artistic innovation in Hubei province and even throughout the whole nation.